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Friday, 10 April 2020
Place of interest in Bali, ogjakarta, Lombok

Bali  Areas
  Alas Kedaton
A lovely, state-owned sacred forest with cool, peaceful walking paths.There is a small impressive local temple belong to people of Kukuh Village within the forest that inhibited by almost 700 hundreds monkey and 'kalong', a local big sized bats. Visitors will escorted by the an organized local guide who also the owner of shops in the area to hike ...... Detail

  Bali Handara Country Club
Fresh air with green views, built at the bottom of the caldera next to the lush slopes of Mount Catur. Many pleasant bush walks to make in the area, especially between the lakes and surronding mountains. ...... Detail

The Batukaru area, at the foot of Mount. Batukaru , to the Southwest of Bedugul, is location of the biggest temple in Tabanan, Pura Luhur Batukaru. This is one of "Sad Kahyangan" six biggest temple. Here the mythical tigers roam the forest, appearing each year in their spirit from during a trance dance of the temple festival. ...... Detail

The Bedugul area provides the last remaining tropical forest of the island. The Eka Karya botanical garden has 650 species of trees and unique collection of ferns and orchids. This is favorite place of Balinese in enjoying their holyday. It also offers a wide range of accomodations and restaurants, the local tourists as their best customers. This ...... Detail

Where scenic view can be seen as its natural. Recently a number of companies have established walking trails, most of which take visitors through the spectacular rice paddies of Jatiluwih. ...... Detail

Terraced rice fields surround the district's villages make the area become a prosperous agricultural area. Kerambitan derived from the Sanskrit karawitan, which means 'art, music, and dance.' It is renowned for its classical literature, Legong dancing, a distinctive 'wayang'-style painting, stone- and wood-carving and a 'tektekan' dance. The dance ...... Detail

Marga is the place where the Great War between Colonial's army against Balinese soldiers appear on 20th November 1946. The leader of Balinese soldiers, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, and his soldiers were killed after gave brave resilience under bombardment from the air. It has good panorama of paddy terrace. ...... Detail

Pacung is the name of village where the road to the temple branches out in which has restaurants overlooking rice fields. But still more rice terraces and hot springs can be seen ahead, in Jatiluwih village. this would be one of the most beautiful view point in Bali. ...... Detail

Known as a center for hand-decorated, wheel-thrown pottery and ceramic roof tiles. Tile making is the primary economic activity of about 90% of the town's 4,000 inhabitants. The pottery is made of red clay that traditionally mined around the village. Observing the production process maybe an interesting stop. ...... Detail

  Penarukan village
A village known for its many fine wood and stone sculptors and a smaller version of Tektekan. Penarukan is located two km south of Kerambitan. ...... Detail

  Subak, Museum
As a regency having been known as Bali's "rice ware-house", it is no wonder that it has a Museum Subak that formally called Mandala Mathika Subak. The only museum in Bali to focus on agriculture located in Senggulan village two km east of Tabanan town. It display the history and development of Bali's unique 'subak' irrigation system. ...... Detail

  Tanah Lot Temple
The district of Tabanan boasts Bali's most famous temple, which is set on a rocky protrusion that becomes an island at high tide, offering spectacular sunset views in the dry season. Tanah Lot, tanah means earth and lot means ocean, consists of a couple of shrines built on an outcropping of rock on the ocean. The temple symbolizes the balance ...... Detail

  Tista village
A village renowned for its unique version of the Legong-Legong Leko, which is only danced around Tabanan. In this social dance, two tiny Leko dancers wearing Legong dress and headdresses are accompanied by the melodies of the Janger. It is ocated one km west of Kerambitan. ...... Detail

  Ulun Danu Temple
(literary means the head of lake) temples, built just offshore over a hardened part of marsh. Its eleven-tiered pagoda roof offers mistical atmosphere when the mist is rising from the lake in the morning. The temple is devoted to the goddess of the lake, which irrigates the rice fields of Tabanan. It stands on the edge of Bedugul's Bratan Lake. ...... Detail

At least there are four stages setup for regular Barong and keris dance within this stone carving village. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of stone carving are offered in the workshops along the village to the local or foreign consumers. The price of the stone carving maybe not the biggest consideration for foreign consumers but the ...... Detail

Gianyar town: Rows of huge white statues beautified this regency jdlisiblueital of Ginyar. A visit to one or two of the single ikat Batik factories will give opportunity to visitors to observe more of the making process of the most wore Balinese ...... Detail

  Goa Gajah
Literally means Elephant Cave”. Although named by elephant it doesnt mean there is any real elephant live or ever live here. The name Goa Gajah derived from Lwa Gajah which is mentioned in the manuscripts found in this site. This temple complex was built for the first time around 11 century based on epigraph found in this site. A seven meters ...... Detail

  Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring
An archaeological complex lies on gorge of Pakerisan River. To reach the complex visitors must walk about 600 meters from the parking lot to the ticket counter than walked down on 315 stone steps. Before take a cross on the bridge at the bottom of the valley make a turn to the left to see the first stone monument. Another group of stone monument ...... Detail

  Gunung Kawi Sebatu
This temple differs to Gunung Kawi Temple nor Tirta Empul Temple in Tampaksiring, even though they are not located very far away to each other. Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple located is located northwest of the other two temples in a village of Sebatu, 40 kilometers from Denpasar or only 20 minutes drive north of Ubud. Sebatu Village is also known for ...... Detail

The footfall field and the big banyan tree within the village notes the center of Mas village. However, since it become a known tourist stop for fine wood carving, galleries and workshop building are stretched starting from intersection of Sakah, where a huge baby statue stand in the middle, until another intersection up north at Teges Village. ...... Detail

Many Bali's most gamelan orchestra and dancing groups inhibit the village that located 2 kilometers east of Ubud town. The groups have performed in many Western countries. It is also the origin of one kind of Legong ...... Detail

A white heron village located in the north of Ubud. The best time to visit this natural bird sanctuary is around 5 to 6 PM when the sacred birds flew back home after a day of ill or fish hunting. ...... Detail

  Ceking, Sebatu
A small but steep rice terraces located 15 minutes drive north of Ubud offer a postcard quality shot. Bicycling from Ubud and having a light refreshing meal in one of two restaurants in the area is a nice exercising arrangement. ...... Detail

Make a right turn after the Ceking rice terrace will lead you to the wooden Garuda village. The master sculptor of wooden Garuda statues lives at the end of the village. The rare 3,5 meters high Garuda statue are found in his place. ...... Detail

A new developed tourist site in the east of Gianyar town, just before entering Bangli area offers a fascinating overlooking view of the rice terrace. Pura Dalem Sidan with its intricate and distinctive horror figures is well worth to visit. ...... Detail

It is known for its art market that become 'a must see' place by tourists especially the local ones from Jakarta or other area in Java. Huge number of small stalls occupied the two stories building offer a lot of cheap souvenirs. Almost any kind of Bali's souvenirs can be found in here either painting, woodcarving, clothes, temple umbrellas and ...... Detail

  Bona Village
One time in 1980s Bona village is the most well known place to see the Kecak and Fire. Now, it is more known for its bamboo furniture and handicraft, together with the nearby Belega village. ...... Detail

And endless handicraft stalls located about 20 kilometers along the main road of this district. The craftsmen are too creative as they can make almost any thing that tourist have in mind with various art materials. ...... Detail

  Ubud's Monkey Forest
Inhibited by up to 125 monkeys divided into 3 major groups. Comparing other sanctuaries in Bali, the mammals in here are tame. There are three local temples settle within the sacred sanctuary. ...... Detail

  The Pejeng Area
The finding of many archeological sites within and beyond this area become one of the reason for the local government to built an archeological museum on the southern part of the village. Two most visited sites by tourist are Pura Penataran Sasih, the temple of a moon faced bronze drum, and Pura Kebo Edan, the temple of three meters high ancient ...... Detail

  Tirta Empul
This beautiful water spring temple was built around 10th century under the rule of Sri Candra Singha Warmadewa. The spring that piped to three fountains complexes is believed to have been created by the god Indra, who descend to the earth to brought back the life of his army, which was poisoned by the demon-king Mayadanawa. The water source is ...... Detail

Attributed by its natural and cultural atmosphere, Ubud has attracted many foreigners to visit or even live in this artisan's village since 1930's. Many expatriate especially foreign or local artists fall in love and decide to settle in this international village. The achievement of Ubud as a tourist destination cannot be separated from the effort ...... Detail

  Bali Museum
The largest collection of Baliana in the world is located on the east side of Taman Puputan on Jl. Mayor Wishnu just south of the tourist office. The Bali Museum was established in 1910 by the conquering Dutch, who sought to collect and preserve artifacts they felt were disappearing overseas or succumbing to the elements. In 1917, an eruption of ...... Detail

  City's Local Dinning
Jl. Teuku Umar, which eventually joins Jl. Imam Bonjol, the road to Kuta, is a location of well-established warung, rumah makan, and restaurants serving Indonesian specialties at very reasonable prices. The city's densest concentration of Indonesian-style eating establishments.Kumbasari Shopping Complex, just off Jl. Gajah Mada by the river. Open ...... Detail

  Jagatnatha Temple
Just east of the big alun-alun on Jl. Mayor Wishnu, next to the museum, is a Hindu temple, Jagatnatha Temple, built in 1953. In the afternoon, people from the surrounding kampung come here to pray; the temple's especially busy during the full moon. On a towered throne of white coral sits a bright, gold statue of Ida Batara Sanghyang Widhi in his ...... Detail

  Maospahit Temple
is an important temple for its a unique and archaeologically,located in a small alley in the middle of the city off Jl. Sutomo. Enter through a door in the alley. This temple, one of the oldest on Bali, has its origins in the great 14th- and 15th-century Javanese Majapahit Empire when Hinduism was first introduced to Bali. The massive statues of ...... Detail

  Melanting temple
in the midst of Pasar Badung, is a market temple where vendors make offerings on their way to their stalls. ...... Detail

  Pemecutan Palace (Puri Pemecutan)
Puri Pemecutan near Tegal bus station on the corner of Jl. Thamrin and Jl. Hasannudin, built in 1907 to replace the original palace of the raja destroyed by Dutch artillery. Pemecutan, which shares the complex with Pemecutan Palace Hotel, houses old weapons and a renowned gamelan mas which survived from the original puri. Don't miss the handsome, ...... Detail

  Puputan Square
A great place for families to hang out in the evenings is the huge, well-kept park in the middle of town, named for the bloody 1906 extermination of the island's ruling class by the Dutch. An heroic-style monument facing Jl. Surapati commemorates this tragic event. Note the woman with the kris in one hand and jewels in the other. Eyewitnesses of ...... Detail

Sanur area is the oldest tourism village in this area, where the first five star rated hotel was built. Its know for its luxurious and quiet area for tourists. It beautiful beaches and sun rise view make Sanur becomes one of the popular tourist destination in this world. Even you can see the memorable Le Mayur museum in its beach side. ...... Detail

More advanced students attend Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (formerly ASTI), the Institute of Arts and Dance on Jl. Nusa Indah near the Art Center in Abiankapas, tel. (0361) 272361. Classes are 0700-1300 daily except Sunday. STSI director Made Bandem is responsible for a virtual renaissance in the Balinese arts. Tourism revenue is recycled into ...... Detail

  The Art Center
Also called Taman Werdi Budaya, the Art Center is on Jl. Nusa Indah in Abiankapas, a suburb of Denpasar in the direction of Sanur, only a 15-minute walk east of Kereneng station. Set in a restful garden with lotus ponds amid richly carved baroque Balinese buildings, the Taman Werdi Budaya houses exhibits of modern painting, masks, and woodcarving. ...... Detail

  Banjar Hot Spring
Located 10 km west of Lovina beach, the natural hot spring is surrounded by jungle mostly by bamboos and a well maintain restaurant. Consisting of three different sized pools, the green-yellow sulfur water pour from dragon shaped pipes that varying in temperature and height. ...... Detail

  Celukan Bawang
A port located just 40 km of the main coastal west of Singaraja. Celukan Bawang receives timber and cement from Kalimantan and Java. Here you may catch Bugis schooners trading between Bali and Kalimantan. The port is also used by the Oil Company ARBN as a supply base for its offshore drilling explorations. ...... Detail

  Gedong Kirtya
Thousands of ancient Balinese letters in form of chronicle, kakawin (old Balinese poetry), geguritan, and is written on the palm leaf, stored in the original building that was built in 1928. ...... Detail

Bali's most spectacular waterfall with 45-meter free falls water, easily accessible by 500 meters walking from parking through coffee plantation and rice field. Supported by the forest around the site, the water volume remain steady all year around. For those who has more time to spend, bring your bath towel and swimsuit to have a refreshing swim ...... Detail

A battle of Puputan Jagaraga in 16 August 1849 made Jagarag fall into a superior Dutch infantry and artillery force. Jagaraga was the stronghold of Gusti Ketut Jelantik and his army before then, who defied two large and well-armed expeditions in 1846 and 1848 This 16 August 1849 battle was known as Puputan Jagaraga.A number of temples are found on ...... Detail

  Jayaprana Grave Site
The Jayaprana's grave is inside a temple behind glass, with figures of the betrayed Brahman and his bride. It can be reach after an our drive west from of Singaraja and 10 minutes climbing up steep concrete steps from the south side of the road main road. Jayaprana and his beloved Layonsari story of life is consider similar to the western Romeo ...... Detail

As most of tourist amenities in northern Bali are located in this black sand beach make the area become the major tourist base in exploring northern Bali. Going out fishing or sightings of dolphins leaping with the local fishermen, or just having a beach massage, do an easy snorkeling of reef close the beach or just read you favorite book while ...... Detail

Munduk is the largest of a series of mountain villages that includes Gobleg, Gesing, and Umejero located south of Singaraja. With an elevationof 800 meters above sea level, it has great natural beauty of coffee, cocoa, clove, vanilla, and tobacco gardens. ...... Detail

A secluded, tidy, black-sand, scenic beach leads to some of the island's best snorkeling and diving spots is located 40 km west of Lovina. Several moderate to high price accommodation are available for divers who common visitors to admire reef and corals including the reserve marine ones. ...... Detail

The temple was built to commemorate the arrival of the Javanese saint-priest Nirartha to Bali in the early 16th century. Only 25 metes from the sea , the large, dramatic temple is sit in front cliffs tower that surrounded by jungle and overrun by hordes of aggressive monkeys. ...... Detail

  Singaraja Town
Today is the jdlisiblueital of Buleleng regency, the name of Singaraja means 'lion king', a name commemorating a palace built in 1604 by Raja Panji Sakti. Since the 10th century, traders from all over Asia have stop at port of Buleleng to trade arms, opium and 'kepang' for fresh water, food, livestock, and slaves. A great impact of the traders ...... Detail

  Tamblingan, Lake
The smallest and most peaceful lake in Bali offers some nice trekking spot within the preserve forests. By the local, it is a refreshing fishing spot meanwhile kayaking around the lake is available for tourists. ...... Detail

  Yeh Sanih
Known by the locals as a recreation site since the early 30s, Yeh Sanih offers attraction of natural swimming pool of clear, fresh, cool water beside a shady seaside with black-sand beach. ...... Detail

  Abang, Mount
Lies on the eastern side of the crater southeast of Kintamani, is the highest point on Batur's outer crater with elevation of 2,152 meters. Climbing it is easier than climbing Gunung Batur but still demanding to get different panoramic view of the old Batur volcano. Some trails also lead to Truyan Village in the northern side of the mount slope. ...... Detail

  Bangli Town
This clean and well-maintain small town has won several yearly provincial town competition. Perhaps, because of its cool temperature, the Bali's largest mental hospital is built within this up land town. ...... Detail

Batur is the name for the lake, mount, temple and village in Kintamani district. Batur lake elevated 1,031 meters above sea level with 1.5 km long time 2.5 km width and up to 70 meters deep. The waters of the lake feed underground rivers. The present Mount Batur, with elevation of 1717 meters, is in fact the younger and smaller then the former ...... Detail

A farming and fishing village with a mild and enjoyable weather, the village located on the western shore of the lake Batur, directly beneath of Penelokan. It has market area, extensive gardens of oranges, corn, and peanuts, souvenir shops, bemo terminal, a big parking lot, ticket office, and boat landing from or to Trunyan ot Toyabungkah. The ...... Detail

It is the name of the sub-district area as well as the name of the village lies the western outer rim of the old Batur caldera. With evevation of 1,500 above the sea level the area is cool and fresh retreat. The sub-district town and the village ceter is noted by big traditional market, and police station located north of Batur temple. ...... Detail

The best view is from Penelokan, a little to the west around the crater from Kintamani, and from where one can see the cone of Mount Batur smoldering away and the black traces of its explosion on the landsjdlisibluee of the crater. A rather treacherous road leads from Penelokan down the crater to Toyah Bungkah, where soothing hot springs on the ...... Detail

  Penglipuran Village
Located northwest of Bangli town, Panglipuran Village that lies 700 meters above the sea level has a unique village layout, architecture and tradition. The village main temple built at a higher land north of the village than villager's houses descended until the end of the village. The uniformity of house compound layout, building shape, and the ...... Detail

Based on the typical old stone statues consisting the courtyard of the temple is considered as the mountain sanctuary of the kings of the Pejeng dynasty. It elevated 1,745 meters on the northwest of outer edge of Batur crater. This remote temple is worth to visit on the way from south to north Bali by passing Kintamani. ...... Detail

  Pura Kehen
This state temple belong to Bangli region is located 1.5 km northeast of Bangli town. Pura Kehen is built on terraces on the southern slope of the hill under a big old banyan tree. Each of the three main terraces is connected to the one above by a flight of stairs. ...... Detail

  Toya Bungkah
Lying on the northwest shore of Lake Batur, the climbing based village of Toya Bungkah features an invigorating hot springs, massive cinemascopic views, a small black-sand beach, and several comfortable cheap and moderate accomodation.A private establishment has setup a big cool water fed swimming pool and several hot water plunge pools for ...... Detail

One of Bali Age (indigenous Balinese) village, it can easily be reach by both from Toya Bungkah and commonly from Kedisan Village. Unlike other Balinese, Trunyan people prefer exposing their dead in the open air rather than cremating them. Began by religious rites, the naked dead body is first wrapped in white cloth, then placed in a shallow pit, ...... Detail

  Benoa Harbour
Benoa Harbour, a harbour on the southern part of Denpasar, is the place for ships delivering container from or out of Bali. It is also the departing harbour for tourist ships that cruise to nearby islands, Lembongan, Nusa Penida, the Gilis, and lombok. ...... Detail

Canggu, an extension of Kuta beach development as a beach resort, offers a perfect esjdlisibluee from the tourist crowd. Many private villas or Balinese style cottage built with a blend view of rice terrace and ocean. Most of the villas are built and own by expatriate but many of them available for short or long term lease. ...... Detail

  Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a the surfer's paradise where any tourist need except quite place are comfortably available. Kuta will still alive by all the pubs and nightclubs until 4 AM. Amazingly, among those tourist hustle and bustle, a religious ritual rites and procession are not rare things to witness. ...... Detail

  Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua, the most exclusive and well-planned tourist resort in Bali, is a place where a row of international chain hotels reside within a well-maintain resort. Before it turned into tourist resort in 1970s, the spot was a quite and dry fishermen village. Unlike at present time, it was not expensive and attractive place to live back then. Beside ...... Detail

Sangeh often considered as the biggest monkey sanctuary in Bali. The sacred monkeys live within the forest of towering 30-metre-tall trees. Some monkeys are aggressive therefore beware of your belonging. ...... Detail

  Serangan Island
Serangan island, a 73-hectare island located just 250 metres off the southeast coast of Bali, is the resident of Pura Sakenan--one of the most visited temple for religious purpose on the southern part. Serangan island also known as turtle island. According to the legend Pura Sakenan was founded in the 10th century by wanderer-priest Mpu Kuturan. ...... Detail

  Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran, about 5 minutes driving from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, is a village for fishermen. Here you can find many fresh seafood restaurants. Everybody has their favourite restaurant here but what they offer is relatively similar, it usually come with fried peanuts, five type of 'sambals', a basket of steam rice, Balinese vegetable of ...... Detail

  Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi. In 1937 the temple was restored and enlarged. The pool surrounding the complex gives floating impression to the temple. A smaller pool with lotus flower is built within the inner sanctum. The middle part of the temple is occupied with impressive high building for kulkul --the hollowed ...... Detail

  Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu, means the head of the stone, is located in the edge of stone cliff in southern part of Bali. It will give an impressive picturesque view especially on the sunset time. The three courtyards are surrounded by hard weathered white coral. The guardian gate in the middle courtyard has similar appearance of East Javanese temple architecture. ...... Detail

  Bunut Bolong
Located 9 km northeast the main road in Jembrana or can also be reached from Pupuan by following the sign og ' Bunut Bolong" to southwest. When you see a giant three standing above the road than that is Bunut Bolong, a Bunut three that has a big hole in the bottom to let the traffict passing through ...... Detail

  Delodbrawah Beach
is a beautiful beach with its magic black sandy beach and one of holiday place for local people. ...... Detail

This ferry port at Bali's westernmost tip-88 km from Singaraja and 134 km from Denpasar-links Bali with East Java across a narrow strait, Strait Bali. Except as an around-the-clock ferry terminus, Gilimanuk has little to offer tourists. But with its basic no-frills services and amenities, Gilimanuk is a friendly little town for stopovers, for ...... Detail

  Medewi Beach
Medewi beach is known for its wave, one of good places in Bali for surfing. ...... Detail

  Malaya Village
is inhabitant by Balinese Christians. This village is also the entrance to the West Bali National Park where you can find wild Bali's Starling bird (Leucopsar Rotschildi). ...... Detail

  Menjangan Island
is also a part of the National Park, and is renowned as harbouring the best reefs in all of Bali for snorkling and diving. Boats leave regularly to Menjangan from the port adjacent to the island in the park, and diving trips to here can be arranged from Lovina and other major tourist centres. As for surfing, go no further than Medewi beach, on the ...... Detail

  Rambut Riwi, Temple
Located on the north coast road that links Singaraja with Gilimanuk, is without doubt the most renowned temple complex in Jembrana. ...... Detail

  The West Bali National Park
as a counterpoint to the cultural wealth of southern Bali, Jembrana's main point of interest is its West Bali National Park and reserve, which encompasses the forests, mountains, and coasts of much of the district. To enter the Park, visitors must obtain a permit at Cekik, A good road provides a pretty, scenic drive from the Gilimanuk end of the ...... Detail

  Agung, Mount
For Balinese, Mount Agung is the geographical and religious center of the world. Mount Agung, its highest peak. With an elevation of 3,014 meters above sea level, the Bali's highest peak can be climbed between 5 to 8 hours. It is suggested to climb with a guide and consider not wise to climb during religious ceremonies take place in Besakih temple ...... Detail

If you travel from Amlapura, Amed is situated before Tulamben and also a known as a diving spot that has shipwreck located just 10 meters away from the shore. Beside diving, snorkeling or sailing, some nice tracking can be done through the hill. For the local, fishing and sea-salt panning is still the main income resource. The small road along the ...... Detail

  Balina, Beach
A simple, quiet resort with a nice wide black sandy beach and tame waves. Diving excursions in a marine reserve offshore, go for night fishing with local fishermen using lantern or hike the beautiful hillside northwest of the area would be a highlight of your stay here. ...... Detail

  Besakih, Temple
Missonary of Danghyang Markandeya, a priest credited with introducing the tradition of daily offerings and the concept of a single god, is claimed to be the founder of the Besakih temple in the 8th century, Bali's biggest and holiest temple. Divided into about 22 separate sanctuaries, it consist over 60 temples and 200 distinct structures. Each ...... Detail

  Candidasa, Beach
A slow and friendly beach resorts and can be a perfect base to explore all over east Bali as most tourist amenities are available here. Huge horrendous T-shaped concrete breakwaters were built to prevent erosion, which becomes an essential problem since 10 years ago. ...... Detail

A serene mountain village located three-kilometer south of Selat. The magnificent panoramic view of rice terrace and the Mount Agung attract foreign artist to have seclusion live here including Spies who created some of his most haunting paintings during his live in this navel of the world. ...... Detail

  Lempuyang, Temple
A narrow windy road has been built from the main road in Tista (make right turn when you see sign of 'Pura Luhur Lempuyang') to first part of this one of Bali's most important temple. An extensive construction has been doing since few year ago. Although, there still a lot of building still need to be finish but the white hard lime stone that made ...... Detail

  Puri Kanginan
Surrounded by a thick redbrick wall, this big 'puri' (palace) complex of the last raja Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut, is a blend of European, Chinese, and Balinese architecture and interior design. Some buildings have curios name like Bale Amsterdam and Bale London. The 'puri' is open to guest to visit from 0800 to 1700,overnight guest is sometime ...... Detail

Known as the center of salak in Bali since 1952. The tourist knows salak as snakeskin fruit that has crisp, and sweet taste, somewhere between apple and strawberry. It has low and thorny palm. The thorny of the palm is used as the fence of salak farm and easily can be seen while driving around the village. Beside selling it as a fruit to all ...... Detail

Situated within a beautiful landsjdlisibluee full with rice terrace and 'salak' trees, west of Amlapura or north Klungkung. Sideman known for its 'kain songket', interwoven with designs of gold and silver thread, as well as Balinese healers. Several accommodations nicely nestled in some part of the village, a perfect base for mediation base. ...... Detail

  Taman Ujung
It was a beautiful royal retreat for Karangasem royal family, designed in fusion of European and Balinese architecture. The destruction began when Japanese dismantled iron bars in Taman Ujung for weaponry production then followed by Mount Agung eruption in 1963. Further an earthquake in North Bali around 1976 helplessly shattered Taman Ujung into ...... Detail

The most conservative original pre-Hindu Balinese settlement, with distinction of its village layout, architecture, art, and religious rites. An ancient courtyard walls, pavilion temples, magnificent community halls, and old high-based long houses is built in very masculine, crude aristocratic style and is surrounded by 700-year-old walled ...... Detail

  Tirta Gangga
Tirta Gangga,literately mean Water of the Gangges, is another retreat water palace built by last raja of Karangasem, in 1947. It is a well-maintained pool complex that fed by a sacred water spring emerging from the hill in the west-side of the palace. A beautiful rice terrace can be seen form the highland just a bit north of the ...... Detail

  Tulamben, Beach
A small fisherman village that now also becomes one of the best diving spot in Bali. The big diving attraction is sunken American Liberty ship, torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. Diving or snorkeling is satisfying all year around but the best time is during dry season on July and August. ...... Detail

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