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PT Tira Cahaya Bali Tour &Travel
Jl Kubu anyar no 17 Kuta Bali

Person In Charge : Ms Ayu
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Tuesday, 22 October 2019
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Bali Museum
The largest collection of Baliana in the world is located on the east side of Taman Puputan on Jl. Mayor Wishnu just south of the tourist office. The Bali Museum was established in 1910 by the conquering Dutch, who sought to collect and preserve artifacts they felt were disappearing overseas or succumbing to the elements. In 1917, an eruption of Gunung Batur and subsequent earthquakes destroyed hundreds of Denpasar's buildings, including the museum. Rebuilt in 1925, it was used as a storehouse for artifacts and temporary exhibits until 1932, when it was established as an ethnographic museum. The German painter Walter Spies helped assemble many of its original treasures from private collections and donations. The grand, well-kept complex consists of a series of attractive, grassy courtyards containing all the archetypes of Balinese architecture
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